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2200 Defense Highway Suite 400, Crofton, Maryland
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About Olusesan Victor Ajayi

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Olusesan's Reviews

4.9 Stars - 111 Reviews
"Olu was great! Very responsive, always available to speak with me, even on weekends and after hours. Very honest and genuine! "
Buying - Crofton, Maryland December 2017
"Words can't express how great full I am with the services provided by Olu Ajayi and the entire First Home Mortgage family. Yes, they are now family to me. Kudos to them, am now a home owner."
Buying - Greenbelt, Maryland December 2017
"I felt like he went above and beyond to make my home buying experience as smooth as possible. He was very patient and accommodating. I will definitely refer him to anyone I know needing his service. It was a pleasure working with Mr Ajayi."
Buying - Bowie, Maryland January 2018
"Outstanding!! Olusean "Olu" Ajayi is one of the most knowledgeable, thoroughly professional loan officers I have ever worked with. He kept us updated on the process and responded immediately to any questions and/or concerns we had. I have purchased 5 homes and worked with other loan officers. Olu is simply the best and has been excellent to work with!!"
Buying - Bowie, Maryland March 2018
"We have been trying to buy a home for 3 yrs but never met the right loan officer. My experience with Mr Ajayi is such an excellent one. Above being a loan officer he empathized with me on my situation and made sure we bought a home we can afford and met our family's desire. "
Buying - Elkridge, Maryland June 2018
"Mr. Ajayi is very professional. He took his time to go over every documents with me. I will definitely patronize him and First Home Mortgage again. "
Buying - Odenton, Maryland September 2018
"Exceptional!!! Mr. Ajayi was very responsive, supportive, and encouraging during the process. I am so thankful for his dedication to my loan. I truly believe that his hard work made it possible for me to live in my beautiful home on the originally set settlement date."
Buying - Montgomery Village, Maryland September 2018
"Wonderful loan officer. Ever ready to listen and give advice. Someone anybody can work with comfortably. "
Buying - Cheltenham, Maryland September 2018
"Great service mister olusesan make this experience nice and friendly. If you going to buy house this is the right place and the right person. thank you "
Refinance - Hyattsville, Maryland December 2018
"He is very helpful, professional and has a deep understanding of his job duties. Always calm, hence, eradicating any tension on the part of the client as well. "
Buying - Laurel, Maryland February 2019
"Very professional, 10/10 for him!"
Buying - Bowie, Maryland June 2019
"I could get in touch with them promptly and they could/would answer my questions. I really felt as if I mattered."
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland July 2019
"Very knowledgeable"
Buying - Annapolis, Maryland August 2019
"I had already started the loan process with another company but one of my colleagues who's a previous client recommended Olusesan to me, singing his praises so l left that company and went to First Home Mortgage. And when I started working with him l saw everything my colleague had said about him. First of all is highly experienced in his profession as there were '€œteaching moments'€ when he educated me on the process, my options, the pros and cons of everything. As a novice and nervous first time home buyer this was extremely helpful Secondly he's very patient and accommodating..whether you call him at 7am or 11pm he answers his phone and he's ready for duty. Loan officers and Realtors are generally too busy and they rush you in everything which is irritating but l didn't feel that way with Olusesan or l didn't sense that with him. He made me feel l was the only customer he had. He listened to me which was also important, l didn't feel like he was just '€œtrying to make a quick buck'€ Buying a home is very stressful but his expertise, passion for his profession and his compassion for his clients eased the process to a large extent. I have already recommended him to my friends and will continue to do so He goes above and beyond his call of duty and that's not common in today's world If l have to do the process all over again l will do it with him!"
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland August 2019
"It's great to have business with first mortgage and oluwasesan victor ajayi, he is so helpful"
Buying - Odenton, Maryland August 2019
"Olu, provided me with the necessary education so I could make good decisions. He was available and timely when it came to handling things."
Buying - Gambrills, Maryland September 2019
"He was nice and had an attentive ear to me."
Buying - District Heights, Maryland October 2019
"He was and is a wonderful person at heart who take the time to help and care about the client concerns"
Buying - Columbia, Maryland October 2019
"Very professional and knowledgeable."
Refinance - Owings Mills, Maryland October 2019
"Mr Ajayi is a wonderful man, he work with us and make everything possible, l thank him so much."
Refinance - Laurel, Maryland October 2019
"My experience with Olusesan Victor Ajaji will always be remembered. It was a blessing from the day I was introduced to him. He made getting a mortgage look simple. He was very supportive throughout the whole process."
Buying - Bowie, Maryland November 2019
"My experience with Olu (Olusesan) was great. I will recommend him at anytime. He is such a good, knowledgable, professional, and ethical person."
Buying - Frederick, Maryland December 2019
"I am a first time homebuyer and was not sure how the whole process of buying a house goes but Mr Olusesan Ajayi helped tremendously by explaining everything to me and guiding me through it all. I honestly cannot thank him enough, he was amazing! I would highly recommend him and First Home Mortgage to everyone looking to buy a home, they are simply the best!"
Buying - Laurel, Maryland December 2019
"He walked me through everything and made sure I understood everything being a first time home owner - he was magnificent!"
Buying - Clinton, Maryland December 2019
"Mr Olusesan Ajayi is very diligent and very helpful through out the loan process. He attends to the minute concerns. It was a wonderful experience."
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland January 2020
"Olu is an excellent mortgage provider. He provided us with his time and dedication in securing our needs during the refinance."
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland March 2020
"He is the best!"
Buying - Temple Hills, Maryland March 2020
"Very professional and prompt in response to questions I had"
Buying - Bowie, Maryland April 2020
"Very great experience. I was helped with respect to information, advice etc on what to do every step of the way"
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland April 2020
"Awesome experience! Olu and First Home stepped in to help with my short sale purchase when I had an issue with another lender. It took 2 weeks from contacting Olu to getting my loan approved and my house closed. I could call at any hour and enjoyed step by step guidance. I confidently and highly recommend Olu and First Home. As a first time home buyer, they made the process so pleasant and seamless. Thank you!!!"
Buying - Windsor Mill, Maryland April 2020
"Resourceful and Professional. Mr. Ajayi went above and beyond the call of duty to get us the best loan rate."
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland June 2020
"He is wonderful and hard working, he is doing good job. For my experience with him I can recommend to anybody around me who need loan officer."
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland June 2020
"Olusesan "Olu" Victor Ajayi is the best Sr. Loan Officer I've ever worked with! I have purchased other properties, (one with Olu) and am impressed with his expertise, knowledge, efficiency and professionalism. He is also a really nice person! Olu advised me on what my best re-financing options were and kept me updated on every detail throughout the process of refinancing my home. Again, Olu Ajayi is an excellent Sr. Loan Officer! I recommend him highly! Thank you so much Olu, your assistance is truly appreciated!"
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland June 2020
"Olusean Ajayi was quite attentive and kept us advised all through the process."
Buying - Crownsville, Maryland July 2020
"He did a great job."
Buying - Waldorf, Maryland July 2020
"Very professional and efficient in what he does to help place people with a better product. "
Refinance - Upper Marlboro, Maryland August 2020
"I was referred to atleast four different lenders whom all played their part in pushing me to find someone on my own. After doing my plenty of research I chose 1st Home. They offered every type of loan I could hope for. Next, I searched the profiles of numerous lenders and came across Olu. When I told my realtor I'd chosen someone from 1st home she said '€œThey're really good. I trust them.'€ After speaking with Olu once I had a dream that he was able to get me the home of my dreams and within a very short time he did. He lived up to his every word. This experience was miraculous to say the least. Thank you all again!"
Buying - Brandywine, Maryland August 2020
"Great customers service. Mr Victor will do everything possible to satisfy you. It was a good experience working with him ."
Buying - Hyattsville, Maryland September 2020
"The mortgage process was seamless with Olu. He was knowledgeable, professional, and always available to answer any questions I had through the process. He kept me informed every step of the way. "
Buying - Bowie, Maryland September 2020
"Very friendly!"
Refinance - Lanham, Maryland October 2020
"Very professional and carried me along during the process. Always ready to answer my questions patiently but precisely. Olusesan is the best!"
Refinance - Laurel, Maryland October 2020
"Mr. Ajayi is excellent with what he does. He makes sure to update you with whatever is happening. First Home is a respectful firm."
Buying - Laurel, Maryland October 2020
"Awesome experience, liked the customer service relations and the professionalism. "
Buying - Randallstown, Maryland November 2020
"Very Professional "
Refinance - Randallstown, Maryland November 2020
"Excellent Professionalism. Great communication and on time deliverables. "
Refinance - Glenn Dale, Maryland November 2020
"He is always ready to help you with whatever you need or want."
Buying - Laurel, Maryland November 2020
"Mr. Victor Ajayi is very professional and thorough in his work. I give him a stellar review because there was not a question he didn't answer and he made himself available anytime I reached out. He cares about his clients and treated me like family. I am very grateful for his service and the expertise he offered me."
Buying - Elkridge, Maryland November 2020
"Excellent and determined to overcome any issues or obstacles during the loan process"
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland November 2020
"Mr. Ajayi is a great loan officer! He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable about his work! He always took the time and answered all of my questions no matter how long they were. He showed me extraordinary patience in explaining the details involved with the loan process in a clear and succinct manner. He really put us at easy during the entire process and he was so detail-oriented and thoughtful. It was such a great experience working with him. I highly recommend Mr. Ajayi and First Home Mortgage! First Home Mortgage is lucky to have him and I thank him for all that he do! He is the best! "
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland November 2020
"Very professional, patient and available at all time. Answered all our questions as we presented them."
Refinance - Silver Spring, Maryland October 2021
Buying - Hanover, Maryland December 2020
"He is very knowledgeable with is work, he is professional to the core, responsive, excellent customer skills. He provide options and recommend the best that suit ones goal. You can reach out to him at anytime regardless of the time of the day. In a nutshell he is the best loan officer."
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland December 2020
"One thing I know about Olusesan Victor Aiayi is very good very helpful person and excellent customer service ."
Refinance - Silver Spring, Maryland December 2020
"Victor know what he's doing, very cheerful person, can communicate with you respectfully, very friendly, he explained everything about be the first home buyer, what we really need to know, he's professional on his job."
Buying - Bowie, Maryland January 2021
"He was just amazing. In fact I lack the right words to describe how great he was. I wish all workers could provide services like he did. Very patient, encouraging and understanding."
Buying - Brandywine, Maryland January 2021
"Very professional and helpful"
Buying - Bowie, Maryland January 2021
"He was very helpful and readily available to answer all my questions. He took time to discuss my loan and walked me through the documents for my understanding. "
Buying - District Heights, Maryland January 2021
"He was very professional, friendly and insightful. "
Buying - Laurel, Maryland January 2021
"Olu is great, made my process quick and easy"
Refinance - Temple Hills, Maryland February 2021
"Precise and always ready to help."
Buying - Middle River, Maryland February 2021
"Mr. Olusesan Victor Ajayi goes above and beyond to help you through the entire mortgage process from the beginning to the very end. I am so happy I choose him as my mortgage lender he explains everything to you, he never made me feel like I was alone in this big process of buying my first home. He knows the mortgage process very well and was always available to answer any questions I had. Best Mortgage Lender In Maryland!!!!!! "
Buying - District Heights, Maryland February 2021
"Very responsive and on time."
Buying - Lanham, Maryland February 2021
"Very patient and knowledgeable "
Buying - Waldorf, Maryland March 2021
"Olusesan Victor Ajayi and first home mortgage made everything so easy throughout the whole process. Olusesan shows he's an experienced loan officer. He was very polite throughout the process."
Buying - Windsor Mill, Maryland April 2021
"Olusesan Victor Ajayi was very helpful and honest. "
Buying - Randallstown, Maryland April 2021
"Olu, is an awesome loan officer ! He helps you through every step of the way and makes sure that you are aware of what's going on in the entire process. Any time that I have a question or concern even beyond the loan process he is there to support and make sure that the entire home buying process is effortless. If you are currently thinking abut buying a home, do yourself a favor and reach out to Olu !!"
Buying - Glen Burnie, Maryland April 2021
"Olu was personable, professional, polite, informative, very responsive. He kept me informed at every step of the process, and worked hard to keep the processing moving smoothly and quickly. "
Refinance - Silver Spring, Maryland April 2021
Buying - Laurel, Maryland May 2021
"Great working with Olu."
Buying - Cheltenham, Maryland June 2021
"He was cordial, efficient and diligent. He was reliable and dependable and kept his word. "
Buying - Elkridge, Maryland July 2021
"Knowledge and prompt to helping gather all documents needed."
Buying - Bowie, Maryland July 2021
"An excellent loan officer with mind always set on goals."
Buying - White Marsh, Maryland July 2021
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland July 2021
"It was awesome. He helped me with my first home 8 years ago. "
Buying - Ellicott City, Maryland July 2021
"Mr Olusesan Victor Ajayi is a professional to the fullest. He discharged his duties to us in an accurate, timely and very professional. His wealth of experience was obvious in his presentation with utmost claritym"
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland August 2021
"Excellent Loans Officer. I would recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing a property. "
Buying - Crofton, Maryland August 2021
"Do you real want me to rate your performance? Getting the loan was not a pretty picture Over charged for many things un-necessary things which were not explained to. Just sign the document. The only thing they were concern about profit which is the institution of your bank. Literary, I was not happy/pleased with the whole entire process."
Buying - Millersville, Maryland September 2021
"I had an amazing experience working with him.contrary to past experiences have had with other lenders, Mr ajayi gave me hope practically held me by hands to take me to the promise land.his skills,professionalism and prompt communication is A1.I must admit,Ajayi is an asset to the company.I will recommend other home buyers to him "
Buying - Hagerstown, Maryland September 2021
"knowledgeable and supportive, able to answer all questions and offer solutions if problems occurred"
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland September 2021
"He is professional and fantastic in handling issues and concerns "
Buying - Clinton, Maryland September 2021
"Very professional, patience and knowledgeable "
Buying - Ellicott City, Maryland September 2021
"Professional, knowledgeable and responsive. "
Buying - Laurel, Maryland September 2021
"Olu was was informative and knowledgeable. He provided the needed information and support. He made the process very simple and easy. Thanks to him for everything. "
Buying - Hanover, Maryland October 2021
"Oh my God I couldn't have met a better person to do my mortgage, he is so professional calm easy to talk with and mostly all very patient, and make my process so easy. "
Buying - Bowie, Maryland October 2021
"He is upright and ever ready to give qualitative service to customers "
Buying - Lanham, Maryland October 2021
"They are reliable in their job "
Buying - Hyattsville, Maryland November 2021
"Very good "
Buying - Gwynn Oak, Maryland November 2021
"Realy Olusan is the best Employee you guys have. He is like brother, at any time he is ready to help ...good smile, good heart. Good workers."
Buying - Silver Spring, Maryland December 2021
"My experience with Mr Olusesan Ajayi was a pleasant cordial one with lots of experience and knowledge about his job "
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland December 2021
Buying - Accokeek, Maryland December 2021
"Professional and knowledgable."
Refinance - Bowie, Maryland December 2021
"Mr. Ajayi was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was attentive, he listened to my wants and needs, and delivered! I would recommend anyone to work with him. He is so patient and kind. "
Buying - Capitol Heights, Maryland March 2022
"From the start of the process to the end Mr Olu Ajayi understands the process and also shows professionalism at the highest level. He is a very good ambassador for the Company and beacuse of him I will refer all I know to FHM"
Buying - Owings Mills, Maryland April 2022
"Excellence!. I understand the process and am equipped with a wealth of experience."
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland April 2022
"It was straightforward, they took the time to explain things to me and helped with understanding the loan process as a first time home-buyer. They were supportive through the process. "
Buying - Parkville, Maryland April 2022
"Mr Olu was so helpful from the beginning to the end."
Buying - Beltsville, Maryland April 2022
"At all no make sense !"
Buying - Silver Spring, Maryland May 2022
"Everything was done on time and very well. "
Buying - Upper Marlboro, Maryland December 2022
"My experience with Olu and the team was exceptionally good. Olu was patient enough to explain every little details to me and he went over and above to address all my concerns. First mortgage team was prompt and professional all the way. They even helped close on the house before my closing date which was pretty fast. I would gladly recommend their services for all."
Buying - Randallstown, Maryland May 2022
"Top quality and lot of top experience related engagements"
Buying - Bowie, Maryland June 2022
Buying - Owings Mills, Maryland June 2022
"Awesome, well experienced "
Buying - Randallstown, Maryland July 2022
"Mr. Olu Ajayi was very helpful and very professional. He went above and beyond in answering our questions and guiding us through our home loan process."
Buying - Owings Mills, Maryland October 2022
"Nice "
Buying - Bowie, Maryland November 2022
"Olusesan is knowledgeable about what he does and and showed care towards my journey to purchase my home."
Buying - Annapolis, MD-Maryland January 2023
"Mostly detailed and easy to work with. He was patient as I struggled to find my way"
Buying - Ellicott City, Maryland March 2023
"Mr. Olu is a very detailed professional. He alongside his team made my home purchase process a very smooth one. He took time to answer all our questions, always patient, polite and always available to explain in details everything concerning each milestone and what to expect etc. The communication aspect which included constant feedback was very impressive. I am glad I used their services and I will NEVER hesitate to recommend him to any prospective buyer I know. "
Buying - Columbia, Maryland March 2023
"Mr. Ajayi is professional, diligent and very helpful throughout our mortgage process. "
Buying - Glenn Dale, Maryland April 2023
"He was helpful all through "
Buying - Middle River, Maryland May 2023
"Awesome is the experience me and my wife had in the process of our becoming homeowners. Mr olusesan of FHM made the journey smooth for us with his outstanding knowledge and excellent understanding of the intricacies involved in mortgage financing. At the point of giving up he put his expertise to bear on realizing our goal. He partnered and made himself available to us throughout the process. Kudos to him and other FHM team members."
Buying - Randallstown, Maryland June 2023
"Olusesan Victor Ajayi rendered super excellent services to me from start to finish. He was there supporting and answering my questions every step of the way. He is one of the best loan officers I have ever worked with for mortgages."
Buying - Severn, Maryland October 2023

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