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Dennis's Reviews

4.5 Stars - 8 Reviews
"He did a great job and worked hard on our deal."
Refinance - Baltimore, Maryland December 2018
"Excellent company and people to work with!!"
Buying - New Market, Maryland January 2019
"Dennis is great, I still ask him questions on email or text and he still responds to me. He's excellent. I recommend him to anyone that wants to buy or sell their home. First Home Mortgage would be great for anyone. I see why its rated number 1. Keep up the great work :-) Renee Chavis "
Buying - Randallstown, Maryland June 2019
"Great communication and availability for questions. Dennis made our first time home buyer experience pleasant and smooth."
Buying - Baltimore, Maryland July 2019
"Dennis kept on track with everything. We had a few disagreements along the way. Overall, he did a good job keeping us informed of every step."
Buying - Baltimore, Maryland August 2019
"Three different closing estimates have been provided since my initial closing estimate, with the Closing Document (CD) estimate reflecting a $430.26 cost differentiation from one provided approximately 2 weeks prior o 2nd closing estimate was inaccurate because according to Dennis (loan officer) the Maryland website was down and data from the listing document was used to determine closing cost estimate. Loan officer was at the pool at the time and failed to make me aware of the website issues at the time of presenting the unverified county taxes in the estimate. Additionally no efforts were made knowing the website was not functional to verify the information then entered blindly. This was a $120 cost differentiation. § In speaking to Dennis on 8/8/2019 he stressed that these are estimates and that is understood however at the significant cost variations between the increasing estimates provided, the reliability and accuracy of Dennis' information is gravely concerning approaching the closing date. The estimates provided never experienced a decrease; all were increases (making the estimate less reliable each time presented). · Dennis was also condescending and dismissive of the increases and the impact they have on overall personal budgeting - When first speaking with Dennis on 6/26/2019 (aaproximate date of first contact) information on a Mortgage Certification Program was requested '€“ to date this has not been received (Aug. 2019). - On 7/17/2019 I spoke to Dennis (via phone) to propose a waiving of the Appraisal Fee and was informed he would have to engage with his manager. Followed up on 7/26/2019 via text on a status update of the discussion that was to occur and did not receive a response until 7/29/2019 to which Dennis's response reflected the conversation had not occurred, as yet. Status was not received until 8/7/2019 (10 days shy of a month) when Dennis requested Closing document needing to be signed by midnight. o Appraisal listed on the closing document as an expedited appraisal despite at the time closing was not occurring until 8/30/2019 (this was 7/5/2019); this was also prior to the home inspection have occurred. ($250 credit received for the $500 unnecessary expense to expedite) - 8/7/2019 received a call in regards to the final approval being completed and closing documents needed to be sign by midnight (as reflected above). Dennis was in his car at the time and explained he wanted to go over the documentation, but couldn't at the time but let him know if there are any question (form due by midnight remember). Email was received at 4:34pm and reviewed. A text message was sent requesting a call to discuss numbers sent ($430.26 increase from the previous estimate provided approximately 2 weeks prior) when the chance presented (text sent at 7:04pm; my workday ends at 6pm). Calls placed to Dennis with two calls at 8:26pm- one straight to VM, other ring then VM) received a call back at 8:31pm stating he wasn't available to discuss and doesn't have documents in front of him and documents don't need to be completed at midnight would call tomorrow to discuss. Dennis thanked me for my understanding and stated would call tomorrow. o Dennis calls at 11:42AM (almost noon) to discuss the questions I have related to title information listed and agreed to send email of questions to the title company with me copied in an effort of getting response. Email sent 12:09 pm; title company responds twice at 12:12pm and 1:17pm to which Dennis does not engage to provide a response (additionally some of the justifications Dennis listed in regards to queries reflected a lack of knowledge in the area- proposing a reissued rate was not available on owner's title insurance because of my first time home buyer status '€“ which was not accurate (reissue rate issued if refinancing or if seller has a policy- to which my seller did). § I responded to the emails in light of the lack of engagement from Dennis at 3:48pm to the title company, however placed a call to Dennis's desk number at 3:43pm prior to doing so'€“ no response and then his cell at 5:10pm- response received to call- however no engagement on the email correspondences sent by Dennis to speak to next steps by the title company to assure the document he reflected on 8/7 /19 needing signing by midnight, would receive timely signature and we remain on track for the scheduled closing date of 8/15/2019 o In the 5:10pm call to Dennis he made it clear that he was not going to reach out to the title company providing the justification that I responded to the email he sent and the only options available to were to either (1) wait to see what the title company says or (2) sign the closing document. When presented with the potential option of him calling/responding to the title company to gauge next steps forward, he was adamant that he would not. o Dennis also during the call stated the document proclaimed so urgent in need of signature by midnight, could be provided by the 8/12/2019---very different information than what was communicated and thus leaving a lack of trust in the level of competence to execute in a timely manner · This also is gravely concerning as it relate to the security of my earnest funds. It is currently 8 pm and Dennis still has not engaged on the email communication he sent, as I continue to engage on my own behalf, as the client. - Dennis was insistent in his stance that all documentation was not provided to him (7/26/2019 discussion), despite his ability to provide a pre-approval amount (6/28/2019). Dennis lacks organization and focus, as in speaking to Dennis on the occasions we engaged via phone, Dennis has communicated while conducting business he was either at the pool (as reflected above), the beach, in his car, has contractors completing work (I proposed I could come into his office to sign some paperwork, but couldn't becasue of this reason), he was on his way to a happy hour networking event, and/or on his hour commute to his in-laws because he has relocated to stay with them '€“ way more information than I care to know."
Buying - Reisterstown, Maryland August 2019
"Very friendly to work with even in stressful moments during the process. It's only his friendliness and readiness to help customers that can.make me recommend your services to others. I love his videos to teach you on the process to follow."
Buying - Lanham, Maryland October 2019
"Dennis was on top of things and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. He was very knowledgeable about the process and extremely helpful."
Buying - Baltimore, Maryland December 2019

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